A Collaborative Environment for Digital Epigraphy

Epigraphy.info Workshop V – Virtual Poster Session

A. Felicetti / F. Murano
CRMtex. A Semantic Model for the Study of ancient texts

A. Bencivenni / C. Salvaterra / I. Vagionakis
Bridging the <gap> in Ancient Writing Cultures ENhance COmpetences in the Digital Era (ENCODE)

A. Marinetti / F. Murano / V. Quochi / M. Ballerini / F. Boschetti / A.M. Del Grosso / S. Piccini / L. Rigobianco / P. Solinas
Languages and Cultures of Ancient Italy

I. Rossi / A. De Santis
Places of Ancient Arabia. Epigraphic data in the MAPARABIA gazetteer

C. Cenati / A. Gangoly / V. Gonzales Berdus / T. Hobel / P. Kruschwitz / D. Murzea
MAPPOLA – An Interactive Platform Mapping out the Verse Inscriptions of the Roman Empire

G. Durdevic / G. Ryles / K. T. Hoang / C. Haotian
Written on Mirros: Inscriptions and Mirror Studies Project

A. Wannaz
Python and Pandas for Papyrology? Towards a Stylometry of Family Letters from Graeco-Roman Egypt

A. Dalla Rosa / V. Razanajao
Patrimonium. Geography and Economy of the Imperial Properties in the Roman World

Y. Assael / Thea Sommerschield / J. Prag
Restoring ancient text using deep learning: a case study on Greek epigraphy

R. Varga / S. Bornhofen
Romans 1by1: Classical Prosopography using relational and graph based approaches